OOA Institutional Members

Institutional dues have been a component of OOA representation since 1948 in an effort to represent hospitals that were founded by osteopathic physicians and accredited by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA). Today, we have expanded that membership to include institutions that support osteopathic teaching programs and/or employ significant numbers of DOs as medical staff members. 

Our efforts support you in many ways. We encourage DOs to support your institution’s osteopathic roots or connection to osteopathic education by becoming active leaders in your hospital staff, seek to retain osteopathic students and residents in Ohio following graduation, assist with the transition to the single accreditation system for graduate medical education through the ACGME; and assist your institution in resolving accreditation issues involving the AOA.

Further, we actively engage in legislation impacting hospitals and the patients they serve. 

As you are well aware, the state budget is currently being crafted by state legislators. The OOA will oppose attempts to adversely impact ER reimbursements for visits that are deemed non-emergent. The OOA will also support necessary reforms to enhance franchise fees as well as increase accountability of managed care plans. We’re also actively monitoring the following state legislation that can impact you: 

  • HB 144 Regarding overtime requirements for nurses in hospital settings.
  • HB 268 Prohibiting an employer from taking an adverse employment action against a person who has not or will not be vaccinated.
  • SB 25 Regarding work and education requirements for the Medicaid program.
  • SB 97 Regarding cost estimates for scheduled health care services and services requiring insurer preauthorization.

OOA institutional members also receive one free half-page ad in our quarterly magazine, Buckeye Osteopathic Physician, and are eligible for a steep discount on an exhibitor booth at the Ohio Osteopathic Symposium

We stand willing to assist you with regulatory, accreditation, and legislative issues upon request.  Your support is vital to our efforts to improve the health of all Ohioans!

For more information, call the OOA Office at 614-299-2107.