House Committee Considers Health Bills

[May 3, 2023]

The Ohio House of Representatives Public Health Committee met today and heard three bills of interest.
HB 104 requires ambulatory surgical facilities and hospitals to adopt and implement policies designed to prevent human exposure to surgical smoke during planned surgical procedures. Bill sponsor Rep. Monica Robb Blasdel (R-Columbiana County) said the legislation, which has been enacted by 11 other states, provides overdue protection to operating room staff and patients.
HB 92 requires the State Board of Pharmacy to develop a program to import prescription drugs from Canada, in particular, those expected to generate cost savings for consumers.

HB 89 prohibits advanced practice registered nurses, physician assistants, physicians, medical residents, or students from performing pelvic, prostate, or rectal exams on an anesthetized or unconscious patient without prior approval. It also authorizes disciplinary action for violating the provision. Medical organizations have pointed out non-consensual intimate exams on anesthetized patients is not a common practice in Ohio and any instances should be reported to the appropriate licensing board.

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