House of Medicine Convenes

[November 8, 2019]

Legislation was the main topic when the House of Medicine met last week, November 1, in Columbus. About 40 individuals participated, representing a number of medical specialties including family, emergency, internal, pediatrics, dermatology, oncology, psychiatry, anesthesiology, ophthalmology, and more.

Several scope of practice bills were discussed: HB 177 (APRN independent practice), HB 224 (CRNA practice) and HB 323 (psychologist prescribing). Other legislation of interest included SB 97 (price transparency), SB 198 (surprise billing), and HB 329 (tanning ban). Participants also talked about potential bills, including one to bring Ohio in line with federal mental health parity laws, another that puts limitations on opioid prescribing, a radiology bill regarding imaging with contrast, and a non-medical switching bill that is called the next step of the step therapy law passed in Ohio last year.

In regulatory news, it was noted there’s been a change in leadership at the State Medical Board of Ohio.

The House of Medicine meets periodically to share information of importance to physicians and the physician-patient relationship.

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