It's Déjà vu All Over Again

[April 11, 2019]

Legislation to eliminate the current requirement that APRNs collaborate with a physician has once again been introduced in the Ohio Legislature. This issue has been discussed and debated in the General Assembly many times.

In 2016, after 18 months of working with elected officials and the nurses, the bill that was ultimately passed made amenable modifications to the APRN scope of practice, but did not include independent practice authority. We achieved that victory by collectively advocating for the physician-led, team-based approach to care. Then last year, this concerning issue was back (as HB 726). This year, it's HB 177 that seeks to fundamentally change how physicians and APRNs work together safely and effectively to care for patients.

Go to TAKE ACTION to send a letter to your state representative. Tell them physicians and APRNs are not interchangeable, and that Ohio physicians will not stand for this unnecessary and unsafe change to APRN scope of practice!


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