OOA Leaders Meet with Elected Officials

OOA staff and leaders have been meeting with elected state and federal officials to discuss health care reform and related issues.

OOA Trustee Robert L. Hunter, DO, of Dayton, and Executive Director Jon F. Wills attended a small group lunch, February 18, 2009, with US Rep. Steve Austria (R-Springfield) to discuss the stimulus package and healthcare issues.

Later that day, the OOA was one of 25 organizations invited to participate in a roundtable discussion on health care reform with US Sen. Sherrod Brown; the group also served as a backdrop for Gov. Ted Strickland's news conference on the stimulus package, which included Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman, US Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (D-Columbus), and Brown.

The following day, the OOA was one of six groups invited by the Healthcare Leadership Council to meet with Kilroy. This week, Jay Shubrook, DO, and Wills met with US Rep. Zack Space's (D-Dover) staff in his Zanesville office to discuss the OU-COM Diabetes Center and the role of chronic disease management in health reform efforts.

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