Task Force Issues Health Insurance Reform Recommendations

The State Coverage Initiative (SCI) team, appointed by Gov. Ted Strickland, issued a final report recommending healthcare coverage reform options for the State of Ohio.

Recommendations in Covering Ohio's Uninsured: The SCI Team's Final Report include: requiring employers to establish 125 Plans; reinsurance for individuals and small businesses; extending group coverage to dependents up to age 29; premium assistance for low income workers; enrolling more Ohioans in Medicaid and expanding Ohio's Medicaid to high income levels; allowing non-Medicaid eligible adults to enroll in Medicaid managed care plans; and reforms to the individual health insurance market.

Since September 2007, Ohio has been one of 14 states to participate in the Coverage Institute sponsored by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's State Coverage Initiatives (SCI) program.

To read the report, go to www.healthcarereform.ohio.gov.

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