JO Watson, DO - Memorial Lecture Award Recipients

2024 Paul A. Martin, DO (Dayton)
Medicare Payment: Transparent, Secretive or Somewhere in Between
2023 Robert S. Juhasz, DO (Cleveland)
Our Journey in Diversity in the Osteopathic Profession
2022 Mitchell J. Silver, DO (Columbus)
Management of Acute PE: The Evolution of Therapies
2021 Anthony G. Chila, DO (Athens)
Heritage: An Appreciation of James O. Watson, DO
Symposium cancelled due to pandemic
Karen J. Nichols, DO (Chicago)
STILL Blazing a Trail
2018 Sonia M. Najjar, PhD (Athens)
Discovering a Novel Link Between Fatty Liver and Cardiovascular Disease
2017 Brian C. Clark, PhD (Athens)
Age of Champions
2016 John J. Kopchick, PhD (Athens)
Growth Hormone, Mini-Mice, Football, Dirty Shorts, and a New Drug
2015 Kenneth H. Johnson, DO, FAAO (Athens)
Reaching the Summit: Leading the Medical Education Expedition
2014 Robert Nagele, PhD (New Jersey)
Advanced Research in Alzheimer's and Mild Cognitive Impairment
2013 John A. Brose, DO, FACFP (Athens)
The Changing Landscape of Medicine 
2012 Andrea Amalfitano, DO, PhD (Michigan)
Expanding the Frontiers of Osteopathic Research to Address 21st Century Medical Needs
2011 Frank L. Schwartz, MD, FACE (Athens)
Toll-Like Receptors as Novel Therapeutic Targets for the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus
2010 John C. Licciardone, DO, FACPM (Texas)
The Rational Positioning, Promotion and Revitalization of Osteopathic Medicine
2009 Frances Daly, PhD (Illinois)
The Audacity of Teaching: Bold Approaches Using Core Concepts 
2008 Michael M. Patterson, PhD (Florida)
Research in Osteopathic Medicine: The Fifth Generation
2007 Leonard D. Kohn, MD (Athens)
Toll-like Receptors, and Wnt Signaling in Autoimmune-Inflammatory Diseases (Diabetes) and Cancer: A Potential New Paradigm of Therapy
2006 James G. Laws, DO, FACC, MACOI, KM (Dayton)
The History of Grandview Hospital
2005 Richard A. Vincent, MBA, president, Osteopathic Heritage Foundations
2004 John B. Crosby, JD, executive director, American Osteopathic Association
2003 George Thomas, DO, past president, Ohio and the American Osteopathic Associations
Focus on Quality Health Care
2002 John P. Sevastos, DO, past president, Ohio and the American Osteopathic Associations
The Health System of the 21st Century
2001 Karen J. Nichols, DO (Arizona)
Past is Prologue: Lessons Our Students Are Teaching The Profession
2000 Anita M. Steinbergh, DO (Columbus), past president, Ohio State Medical Board
1999 Richard L. Sims (Columbus)
1998 Norman Gevitz, PhD, chair, Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Department of Social Science
The Need for Osteopathic Visibility
1997 Benjamin Cohen, DO (Texas),
JO Watson, VI, DO, Class of 2020
1996 Douglas L. Wood, DO, PhD, president, American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine
Osteopathic Medical Education: Past-Present-Future?
1995 George Thomas, DO (Cleveland)
Managed Care Methodology in Workers' Compensation
1994 Norman E. Vinn, DO (California)
The Role of the Osteopathic Profession in Managed Care
1993 Barbara Ross-Lee, DO, dean, Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine
1992 Robert J. Kromer, DO (Sandusky)
From Here to Eternity
1991 Eugene A. Oliveri, DO, president, Michigan Osteopathic Association
1990 J. Jerry Rodos, DO, special assistant to the president of Chicago Osteopathic Health Systems and former dean of  New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Is There Life After Reform
1989 Frank J. McDevitt, DO, past president, American Osteopathic Association
Legislative Challenges
1988 Dwain L. Harper, DO, vice president of medical affairs, St. Vincent Charity Hospital, Cleveland
Back to the Future
1987 William G. Anderson, DO, director of government affairs, Detroit Osteopathic Hospital
Preface to Interface, Or In the Beginning
1986 J. Richard Costin, DO, general surgeon, Columbus
1985 Andrew Lovy, DO (Detroit) director, Psychiatric Training and Education, Michigan Osteopathic Medical Center
Osteopathy: Revolution or Reformation
1984 Benjamin L. Cohen, DO, dean, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, School of Osteopathic Medicine, Crisis and Crossroads--A Glimpse at Health Care in Transition
1983 George W. Northrup, DO, editor-in-chief, American Osteopathic Association
The Edge of the Shadow
1982 R. Keith Simpson, DO, past president, National Council on Alcohol, Inc
The Impaired Physician
1981 Thomas H. Rowland, Jr, LLD, president, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Osteopathic Medicine in the 1980s
1980 Dale G. Keighley, DO (Dayton), author
Proctology, Banding of Hemorrhoids and Pilonidal Cysts
1979 George O. Faerber, DO, and Carl L. Neufeld, DO, (Columbus) radiologist
Introduction to Computed Tomography and Computer Tomography of the Brain
1978 Terrence E. Hawkins, DO (Columbus) ophthalmologist
Summer Vision
1977 J. Richard Costin, DO (Columbus), and Arthur R. Levine, DO (Detroit, Michigan), authors
Physiology, Disease and Management of the Thyroid; and New Insight to Thyroid Problems
1976 Otterbein Dressler, DO, pathologist, former dean of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
The Purpose of Living
1975 JR Forbes, DO, editor, American College of General Practitioners of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery Newsletter
The DO's Approach Toward General Practice
1974 Myron S. Magen, DO, dean, Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Osteopathic Medicine's Role in the Delivery of Health Care
1973 Theodore C. Hobbs, DO (Columbus) radiologist
A Man and His Times


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