State Budget Bill Passes, Finally

[July 18, 2019]

Gov. Mike DeWine signed the state biennial budget bill this morning—with 25 line item vetoes.

Lawmakers had passed the two-year budget Wednesday—17 days after the constitutionally-mandate deadline. They raised the age for buying tobacco products to 21 and added a tax on vaping products, cut personal income tax, and increased spending on education and public health.

Legislators also included several health care provisions they said will increase transparency, control costs, and prevent surprise billing. DeWine vetoed some of those provisions, specifically one that would have established a single statewide pharmacy benefit manager; and another that required health care providers to give cost estimates to consumers.

The budget bill included several provisions related to the State Medical Board of Ohio.

Ohio had been operating under a temporary budget since lawmakers missed the original June 30 deadline. The state fiscal year began July 1.

OOA members can read more details about the budget, specifically the health care-related provisions, in the July 19, 2019, issue of OSTEOFACTS.



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