Awards - Meritorious Service Awards

OOA Meritorious Service Award Recipients

2024 John D. Schriner, PhD, associate dean of Admissions and Student Affairs, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
2023 Bonnie Hay, academic program administrator for Northwest Ohio, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
2022 Sandi Foster, PhD, champion of osteopathic medicine for decades, Warren General Hospital Advisory Council
Amy Acton, MD, former director, Ohio Department of Health
Jon F. Wills, executive director emeritus, Ohio Osteopathic Association
Joy Studer, executive director emeritus, Northwest Ohio Osteopathic Association
2018 Mike L. Reichfield, CEO, Doctors Hospital, Columbus
2017 Roderick J. McDavis, PhD, former president, Ohio University
2016 The Honorable Capri Cafaro, Senator, Ohio Senate District 32
2015 Richard A. Vincent, president, Osteopathic Heritage Foundations
2014 David L. Bronson, MD, president, Cleveland Clinic Regional Hospitals
2013 James R. Castle, president & CEO, Ohio Hospital Association
2012 Ted Wymyslo, MD, director of Ohio Department of Health
2011 Fred M. DeGrandis, JD, past president of St. John West Shore Hospital
2010 Jennifer A. Horvath, executive director, Dayton Academy of Osteopathic Medicine
2009 Patrick J. Martin, FACHE, president and CEO, Fisher Titus Medical Center
2008 Carl J. Denbow, PhD, Athens, producer and writer, Family Health radio program
2007 Mary Schreck, Athens, past president, Advocates for the Ohio Osteopathic Association
2006 George F. Dunigan, II, director of governmental affairs, Ohio Osteopathic Association
2005 The Honorable James P. Trakas, Representative, Ohio House 17th District
2004 Kathleen A. Rice, RPh, MBA, Cleveland, chief operating officer, Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital, and past president, Ohio Osteopathic Hospital Association
2003 Roy G. Chew, PhD, Dayton, president, Grandview Hospital and Medical Center, and past president, Ohio Osteopathic Hospital Association
2002 George L. Mylander, Huron, chairman of the board, Firelands Medical Center
2000 The Honorable Grace L. Drake, Ohio Senator
1999 Ray Q. Bumgarner, executive director, Ohio State Medical Board
1998 The Honorable Dale VanVyven, Ohio House of Representatives
1997 Marjorie A. Nelson, MD, MPH; head, Section of Preventive Medicine, Ohio University of College of Osteopathic Medicine
1996 Alice T. Hill, executive director, Youngstown District Academy of Osteopathic Medicine
1994 Charles "Chip" Rogers, Jr, MA, director of advocacy, Ohio University of College of Osteopathic Medicine
1992 Bernhardt Zeiher, past president and chief executive officer, Parkview Hospital, Toledo
1991 Richard L. Sims, president, Doctors Hospital
1990 Henri Landwirth, founder and president of Give Kids The World
1989 Mrs. Joan (Jody) Galbreath Phillips, member of the board of trustees, Doctors Hospital and Ohio University
1988 Thomas J. Halpin, MD, MPH, interim director, Ohio Department of Health
1987 The Honorable Harry Meshel, Minority Leader, Ohio Senate
1978 The Honorable Vernal G. Riffe, Speaker, Ohio House of Representatives
1977 Martin L. Hecht, vice president, Ohio University
1976 John H. Ackerman, MD, director, Ohio Department of Health
The Honorable Oliver Ocasek, Senate Majority Leader
The Honorable Robert T. Secrest, Ohio Senator


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