Advocacy Over August

From August 11th through September 5th, Members of Congress will be returning to their districts from Washington for the August recess. This is an excellent opportunity to meet your elected representatives face-to-face and to develop a constituent relationship.

These relationships are an important aspect of the AOA's advocacy program. Through these relationships you can voice support or opposition to particular pieces of legislation. In addition, you can share the concerns of your practice, your community and the osteopathic profession with policy makers.

There are a number of ways to develop a rapport with your Member of Congress during the August recess.
* Meet With Your Legislators: Request an appointment with the legislator or a staff member to discuss specific issues or just to introduce yourself. Be prepared ahead of time with the information you would like to share and follow-up with a letter of thanks that includes points covered in the meeting.
* Conduct a Facility Tour: Visiting your clinic or hospital provides legislators with a great opportunity to meet their constituents while observing the important role osteopathic medicine plays in your community.
* Locate your Local Congressional Office: Members of Congress maintain at least one district or state office where they work during home visits. During the August recess, this is a great place to meet your legislator in a group meeting with your peers. Locate the nearest local office by going to
* Host a Fundraiser: An effective and simple way to build a constituent relationship with a legislator or potential legislator is to host a candidate fundraiser in your home. These intimate gatherings allow for direct contact with the legislator and more personal conversations on issues important to the osteopathic profession.
* Attend a Town Hall Meeting: While the Members of Congress are home on recess, they will host a number of town hall meetings to discuss various issues with constituents. By attending these meetings you can have your questions answered directly by the legislator, as well as provide a presence for the osteopathic profession. Keep an eye out for emails from GOAL on the times and locations of these meetings.
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